DJ-Mix / DJ Funkshion / Beastie Grooves

Instrumental Funky Grooves only by the Beastie Boys. RIP Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch!

Beastie Boys Acceptance Speeches at the 2012 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction Ceremony

Chuck D and LL Cool J Induct Beastie Boys at the 2012 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

MCA ´s (Adam Yauch) true words from 1998

Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch Played a 15-Year-Long Prank on Ad-Rock

The History of the Beastie Boys

The Beastie Boys on why whey they want to give Trump their giant dick in a box

For the MTV Generation, the Beastie Boys occupy a special place in the cultural imagination. They were hip-hop anomalies—three Jewish boys from New York City who, through their relentless creativity, imagination, and sheer force of will, grew to become one of the greatest rap groups of all time.

You followed these former punk-rock kids (BEASTIE hilariously stands for “Boys Entering Anarchistic States Toward Internal Excellence”) on their wild ride from the beer-spraying caricatures of “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)” to avant-garde video artists to woke OGs.

That journey is captured by their longtime collaborator Spike Jonze in Beastie Boys Story, a new concert documentary streaming on Apple TV+. Filmed at Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre last year, the film sees surviving members Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rock) and Mike Diamond (Mike D) reflect on their evolution from the immature dudes who objectified women and wanted to name their debut album Don’t Be a Faggot to the progressive feminists they are today, thanks in large part to the outsize influence of their dearly departed bandmate, Adam Yauch (MCA).

The Daily Beast caught up with Ad-Rock and Mike D—via Zoom, naturally—to discuss the current pandemic, the Beastie Boys’ legacy, and the Trump of it all.

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DJ Mix – DJ Funkshion – Black Series

Picked some of my dopest records for “Black Series” for you. Mixed Heavy tunes with Spiritual-Jazz, Soul and Funk. Vinyl only of course. That was big fun. Much love to all 😉

#14 Ayizan – Tribilasyon is killing it. Deffo!



01 Mtume Umoja Ensemble – Invocation
02 Ndikho Xaba – Shwabada
03 Lennie Hibbert – Don’t Blame Me
04 The Underground Set – War In The Night Before
05 Mtume – Yebo
06 Shamek Farrah – Meteorologicly Tuned
07 Velvet Night – Velvet Night
08 Pharoah Sanders – Prince Of Peace
09 Puccio Roelens – Life-O
10 Antonio Arena – Caribbean Nights
11 Alice Coltrane with Strings – Love Supreme
12 Jean-Claude Pelletier Et Son Orchestre – Special Streaking
13 Uncle Funkenstein – 500 Finished
14 Ayizan – Tribilasyon

FOF (Felix The Housecat) Radio 004 – Special Guest Clarian

Felix Da Housecat presents Founders of Filth “FOF” Radio – Join for monthly variety episodes packed with top tier tracks and special guest interviews dissecting the ever changing club culture in today’s industry.


1. Gene Farris & Cajmere – Disco Party
2. B-52s – Planet Claire
3. Damon Jee – Keeper
4. Elbee Bad – The Music is Kicking
5. Extrawelt – Composmentis
6. Cinthie – Peep Peep
7. Mike Dunn – Let’s Go
8. Josh Wink – Superfreak
9. Basti Grub, Crase Johnson – Darling
10. Aphrohead & Clarian – Know Thyself

Interview With Clarian

Old School Jam

11. Chas Jankel – Glad to Know You
12. Scott Grooves – Coco Brown